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The Moon is the most visually complex object in the night sky, and thus has been a great challenge to both cartographers and imagers. And yet there have been great successes in representing the Moon as both an object of scientific scrutiny and of beauty. Here is a collection of maps and atlases - some rarely seen - of interest to selenographers - students of the Moon!

LUNAR GLOBES: Globes are almost magical when their spherical shapes are in your hands. They are also practical in showing spatial relations among all landforms on the Moon. And with a globe the feature of interest is never on the edges of different map sheets! Visit the Lunar Globe page!

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1824 Lohrmann - 4 sheets

1837 Beer & Madler - 4 sheets (cut into 22 sheets)

1876 Neison - 22 sheets

1878 Schmidt - 25 sheets

1878 Lohrmann - 25 sheets

1835 Blagg & Muller - 14 sheets

1935 Fauth - 6 sheets

1955 Wilkins & Moore - sample

1961 Hackman & Mason: Engineering Special Study of the Moon

1964 Fauth:

196x-6x Herring: Maps of the Lunar Libration Zones

1971 Wilhelms & McCauley: Geologic Map of the Near Side of the Moon

1972 Rukl Maps of Lunar Hemispheres. Astrophysics & Space Science Library

1990 Rukl: Hamlyn Atlas of the Moon



1896-1909 Observatoire de Paris: Atlas Photographique de la Lune

1897-7: Lick Observatory: Observatory Atlas of the Moon

1903 Pickering: The Moon

1960 Kuiper et alPhotographic Lunar Atlas

1960  Miyamoto & Hattori:Photographic Atlas of the Moon

1964 Alter: Lunar Atlas

1964 Callatay: Atlas of the Moon

1964 Miyamoto & Hattori: Photographic Atlas of the Moon, 2nd Edition

1967 Kuiper et al: Consolidated Lunar Atlas

1971 Bowker & Hughes: Lunar Orbiter Photographic Atlas of the Moon

1985 Viscardy: Atlas-Guide Photographique de la Lune

1999 Cook: Hatfield Photographic Lunar Atlas

2000 Westfall: Atlas of the Lunar Terminator

2002 Widdowson: Moon Phase Maps

2004 Bussey & Spudis: Clementine Atlas of the Moon

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