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1878: J. F. Julius Schmidt Die Charte der Gebrige des Mondes. Privately published in Berlin

Schmidt, almost always referred to in the last century as "the great Schmidt of Athens", made the best hand drawn map of the Moon ever. With Germanic thoroughness Schmidt carefully depicted more craters, rilles and little hills than anyone before, and he reported exactly how many were on each of his 25 map sheets. He probably made more measures and estimates of peak heights and crater depths (about 1000) than everyone else combined, and many of his measures have yet to be replaced by modern ones.

I am pleased to present here a digitized copy of Schmidt's monumental lunar map, for most students of the Moon do not have access to it. Note that the scanning and this digital reproduction (shown at 72 dots/inch on your computer screen) do not do justice to the great amount of detail visible in the originals. The following scans of small parts of a few map sheets preserve the full resolution.