December 6, 2021

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Bumps And Ridges

Originally published January 24, 2012 LPOD-Jan24-12.jpg
image by jocelyn.serot

Rümker is a strange landform. A pile of domes, mostly with very low slopes, a few a little steeper. LPOD has talked about Rümker before so this time we'll look at the mare surface here. The mare ridges overall are part of a large semi-circular arc that has been hypothesized to be an inner ring of a putative Procellarum basin. But the ridges have deviations from a pure circle. For example, near top right two ridges form a rough circle as if they mark a buried crater, but I don't think that is right. Two other ridges at top center are angled 30° or so from the main ridges. There must be a force that caused the ridges to form at that angle but we may never know what it was.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
2012-01-06, 20h57 UT. T200 Newton, Barlow 3x, Astronomik IR-742 filter, PLA-Mx camera.

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