September 27, 2022

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An Older Tycho

Originally published November 2, 2012 LPOD-June23-08.jpg
image by François Emond

With a diameter of 86 km and an estimated depth of 4.8 km, Geminus is essentially the same size as Tycho. The central peaks of Geminus are more stubby than those of Tycho, its terraces are more rounded and subdued, and it lacks rays. All of this is due to aging by seismic shaking from subsequent impacts and a steady bombardment of small meteorites that round off sharp edges. Goodacre reported that Schmidt drew two rilles on the crater's floor, but this image and others (including Clementine) show that they do not, and never did, exist.

Chuck Wood
This is a classic LPOD from June 23, 2008.

Technical Details
08/30/07; 02h11 UT. Dobson 16" + FFC Barlow lens + webcam Vesta Pro (B & W, raw mode) + red filter

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