January 27, 2022

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Originally published March 13, 2012 LPOD-Mar13-12.jpg
image by Alexander N. Zaitsev, Lipetsk, Russia

Alexander captured this great image from Lipetsk. But look carefully. Notice anything unusual? I know Russia is relatively far to the north but this perspective is definitely unEarthly. But it was taken from Earth. Alexander used this and other images to produce a video presentations called Moon Flight 1. The title gives away the answer, for the video is full of images that give an out the porthole view, as if taken from orbit. To covert the Earth view to a lunar one, Alexander used this sequence of steps in PhotoShop CS3: Edit-> Transformation-> Prospect and Edit-> Transformation-> Distortion. The view and video are reminiscent of some Apollo and Kaguya shots, and the video would be great to show to students or astronomy clubs. Computer software has revolutionized what we can do from our backyards.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
2011/10/16, 22:26:04 UT. Telescope SW 305/1500 + Camera DMK 31 (b/w 30 fps) + red filter + barlow 2X + Registax 6 + Photoshop.

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