March 15, 2007

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A Colorful Bay!

image by John McConnell.

This shot of the Sinus Iridium or Bay of Rainbows was in colour, but not this colour. Several interesting points arise from exaggerating the saturation in Registax to 100%. Firstly, look at the crater Timocharis in the bottom right, it has come up blue, as have the string of ‘youngish’ craters to the west of Plato in top right corner. In the original image hardly any colour difference is visible on the Mare Imbrium and Bay of Rainbows, but in this image great areas have come up a rustic colour. Notice also the crest of the Jura Mountains and the Gruithuisen Domes; they have come up bright yellow. Strange bright rays appear on the floor of Sinus Iridium and many places on the Mare Imbrium. I would emphasise that no colour has been added to the image, just the existing colour exaggerated. What a strange place our Moon is!

John McConnell

Technical Details:
February 28th 2007. ETX 90mm + Philips Toucam Pro.

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