November 29, 2022

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Originally published January 4, 2013 LPOD-Jan4-13.jpg
image by LRO NAC M129086118LE

I was looking at some LRO NAC images of the Apollo 17 site, and thought I'd try to pick out the Station 6 Split-boulder, a.k.a. Tracy's rock that Gene Cernan and Jack Schmitt explored back in Dec 1972 on the North Massif at Taurus-Littrow. The NAC camera has picked up the traces of their footprints as they explored, sampled and photographed the large boulder. Below is a map of what samples were collected from the area and where photos were taken. The stop there was one of the highlights of the Apollo 17 mission and I will let you explore some of the links below to find out more about what was found there. In the NAC image you can trace back up the slope to where the boulders originated. They sure tumbled a ways down there, and lost a piece or two by the looks. I am sure Danny will know more!

Maurice Collins

Map from Apollo 17 lunar sample catalog part 4 North Massif, fig 4 page Intro-xi.

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