January 28, 2023

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Homeward Bound

Originally published March 6, 2013 LPOD-Mar6-13.jpg
image by Jaime Fernandez, Madrid, Spain

Returning home is always a joy. Yesterday as we approached the Earth we passed over the Moon with the Sagittarius sector in the distance, the far distance. Our trip from the Europa colony was fast, just three days of riding in on the solar magnetic field lines. Despite the terraforming of Mars and the subterranean ocean fisheries of Europa there is no place like Earth. Mars is still largely a desert and being under 10 km of ice on Europa you see nothing but the glow of bioluminescence. Only Earth has the greens and blues of verdant life and liquid water. Home sweet home. At least that is the feeling humans programmed into me a thousand years ago.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
Moon image is a 4 image mosaic taken with Celestron 9.25 and Atik 314 camera and f/6.3 reducer. Background is a 2 image mosaic of Sagittarius area taken with DSLR and 18/70 lens. Earth image comes from Apollo 11.

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