January 9, 2022

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Angular Questions

Originally published February 24, 2012 LPOD-Feb24-12.jpg
image by Gérard Coute, France

Looking at this picture near the North Pole, from Oenopides to Philolaus, I noticed rectilinear structures delimiting almost rectangular shapes, like keys on a computer keyboard, a northern keyboard:

- first are the north, south and west parts of Babbage rim;
- second, the plateau between South and J.Herschell. I have not seen such a rectangular shape elsewhere on the Moon, except the very small structure known as the "bridge" near Bulialdus and Lubiniesky. If J.Herschel looks like a very old crater, Babbage has no real shape, and South is a ghost.
- Oenopides near the left edge of the photo also seems to have the same angular shape mainly for its north and south walls; such as the particular structure of crater Maupertuis (can we say it is a crater or several small craters linked to a tectonic structure on the western part?) If we consider that Babbage and J.Herschel are impact craters (and they are):
- what about South,
- why the west part of J.Herschel is not as curved as the east part,
- is it newer than the plateau and how can we explain the Robison plateau?

Gérard Coute

Technical Details
February 5, 2012, 20h03 UT. Chateaugay (France), Mewlon 210 at F/D 11.5, red filter, DMK 31, processing with Registax 6 and CS3

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