July 18, 2020

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Wolf Moon Over Tucson

Originally published February 4, 2011 LPOD-Feb4-11.jpg
image by David Harvey

I found this image a little while back and can't help going back to it as it is just so beautiful. The contrast of the modern city of Tucson, Arizona with the mountains and the big rising Moon just look very pretty. While the Moon always looks the same over billions of years, the civilization on Earth changes so rapidly. The same Moon would have looked over the landscape when there was no glass buildings of the city, and before that when only buffalo's roamed the land, and before that the dinosaurs, and so on; always with the same face of the Moon to gaze down upon us. Going back further, those mountains would have been pushed up from an ancient sea or via volcanic eruptions (I am not overly familiar with the geology of the area). It is truly amazing the differences between these two neighboring worlds one active the other very quiet. What an amazing place both words are and what a beautiful looking city Tucson is!

Maurice Collins

Technical Details

Wolf moon rising over Tucson. It's called the Wolf Moon because of folklore: northern Native Americans named it after packs of singing wolves they once heard during the winter month of January. Dave predicted this scene using TheSky and Google Earth software and positioned his camera just so. Shot with a Canon EOS 5D Mark II and a 300mm lens.

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