July 9, 2020

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The Moon is a Balloon

Originally published January 26, 2011 LPOD-Jan26-11.jpg
image by Peter Rosén

I composited my full Moon image of the 19th of january 2011, with a similar picture of the 14th of october 2008 to produce a sterographic image for red (left) and green or blue (right) glasses or filters. As the difference in libration was quite big you might have to look at the picture for a little while so the eyes and the brain can adjust and bring it into 3D focus, but once it works, the effect is very strong, the Moon being a balloon with an incredible depth hanging halfway out of the screen like a hologram.

Peter Rosén

Note from CAW: I can't see stereo so appreciate reading comments on how this appears to others. Do the rays stand out from the surface? What do you see that looks unexpected?

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