May 3, 2021

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Originally published September 14, 2011 LPOD-Sept14-11.jpg
image by Gari Arrillaga

Gari writes: I have been off a few month developing a new 20 inch dobsonian. Here is the first lunar shot, with only a 2.5 Powermate. I am happy that it works!! I hope to give the LPOD Archive a lot of images.

The first lunar image is above and to the left is Gari setting up the new telescope. It looks like a behemoth that would be difficult to image with, but this first example showing rilles on the floor of Humboldt suggests that we will have many future treats to savor! Good luck with the new scope, Gari, and send in those images!

Chuck Wood

Rükl plate 60
Gari's astro website

Yesterday's LPOD: A Little Slide

Tomorrow's LPOD: Another #1


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