October 10, 2019

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Moon Chair

Originally published May 29, 2010 LPOD-May29-10.jpg
image by Howard Eskildsen

I have been very fortunate to discover the Alachua Astronomy Club in Gainesville, Florida. There are some very talented members there including Tim Malles who is a master astronomy painter. He recently painted this chair to resemble a view of the moon, and it was part of an auction to raise money for a local arts program. I have a bid on it, but have not yet heard of the outcome. Last August 1, 2009, Tim completed an entire painting in one day at the Lunar Festival held at Kika Silva Pla Planetarium in Gainesville's Santa Fe College. The image on the right shows Tim dynamically at work. Other completed works can be seen in the background and some are absolutely fantastic.

Howard Eskildsen

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