September 3, 2020

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Nautical Supermoon

Originally published March 20, 2011 LPOD-Mar20-11.jpg
image by Damian Peach, England

I went down to Selsey beach just down the road from my home to watch the perigee Moonrise. I have to say it's possibly the best Moonrise I ever recall seeing. Even as the first small part of the disk peeked over the sea horizon it was clear. A gorgeous deep red total eclipse like colour....a wonderful sight.

Damian Peach

Technical Details
50mm prime lens

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image sequence by André Gonçalves, Portugal

Special today - two LPODs for the price of one! Another Moonrise that arrived in my mailbox just as I posted Damian's image.
Chuck Wood

Technical Details
Prime focus of a 8" f/5 reflector and Canon 1000D.

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