September 4, 2020

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Two New Books

Originally published March 21, 2011 LPOD-Mar21-11.jpg

Here are two recent books for beginning lunar observers. Each is written by an enthusiast to share their knowledge with others. Tammy Plotner's Moonwalk book has a chatty and peppy approach, constantly offering encouragement. The book includes dozens of images from Damian Peach, Peter Lloyd, Wes Higgins, Dierdre Kelleghan and others familiar to LPOD readers. One of the most valuable parts of the book is the acknowledgement section, which includes a paragraph about various contributors - finally, we learn about the lives of people who take such wonderful images; but it is a little peculiar that the author includes herself in this section! Although the author is an experienced writer she talks too often of craters spanning so many kilometers (i.e. that is their diameter), and powering up (increasing magnification). Don Spain's Six-Inch Lunar Atlas was a labor of love. His audience is the person manning the telescope at a star party who needs to show the public interesting features. He divides the Moon into 60 regions with three photos of each. The photos are of low quality and most have been processed to add contour-like lines. Although in some cases this appears painterly, mostly it makes the images less useful. The descriptions in both of these books include few interpretations of the features seen, and both include some errors of understanding, but their enthusiasm is infectious.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
A favorite intro level book is Discover the Moon by Lecroux and Legrand.

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