June 20, 2004

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Discover the Moon


Image Credit: Christian Legrand

Discover the Moon

Do you want proof that the Moon is becoming more popular? A second beginner's guide to the Moon is now available! Following on the heels of Peter Grego's Moon Observer's Guide, French observers Jean Lacroux and Christian Legrand have published Discover the Moon. This is a translation from the original French version which came out in 2000. Discover the Moon is an excellent present for a friend, nephew or niece who exhibits any interest of the sky at night. Following a practical introduction on how to observe are 13 chapters describing the Moon through the lunar month. Each chapter starts with a Moon phase image, followed by closeups and text about interesting features to observe. A beginner can easily work through this guide and be on the way to becoming a knowledgeable lunar observer. Congratulations, Jean and Christian!

Technical Details:
Published by Cambridge University Press; 143 pages, 2003.

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Charles A. Wood



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