September 5, 2020

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Red Moon Rising

Originally published March 22, 2011 LPOD-Mar22-11.jpg
image by Elizabeth Warner

I hadn't planned on doing any more SuperMoon photos but more great ones kept coming into my mailbox. Like this one from Elizabeth. I am partial to it because I used to live in Washington, DC and admired the rotunda memorial to Thomas Jefferson. The roundness of the memorial, the curvature of its dome and the accidental nick out of the Moon due to a 12 km distant water tower all reinforce the geometry of the Moon. Here is the story of how the photo was obtained.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
March 19, 2011, shortly before 8 pm. Orion Shorttube 80 (400mm, f/5) + Canon 20Da, ISO 1600, 1 sec exposure.

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