April 26, 2020

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My Moon

Originally published November 13, 2010 LPOD-Nov13-10.gif
image by Francisco Javier Pobes Serrano, Spain

The Moon has been around for a few billion years, and much has been learned about it, especially over the last 40 years. But because it is in the sky above all of us, and easy to explore with just a little optical aid, each of us can make our own personal discoveries. We start simply, first just getting the telescope focused on it, then identifying the names of a few craters, and later becoming friends. Over time, we can all feel ownership of the Moon. Patrick Moore claimed ownership in his book, My Moon, and I did the same with a website, Chuck Wood's Moon. Every observer can build a bond with the Moon and that is what I read into Francisco's image of the Apollo 15 region. He has found for himself where humans first drove a rover across the Moon. That spot now belongs in Francisco's personal collection of favorite lunar places. I like it that we each have our own collection of favorite sites, places that we check on just to remind ourselves of our growing familiarity and understanding.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
Orion Mak 180/2700, Meade LXD75 mount and Canon 350D.

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