August 11, 2020

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No Satellite Needed

Originally published February 28, 2011 LPOD-Feb28-11.jpg
image by Harald Paleske, Langendorf, Germany

This isn't another LRO Wide Angle Camera mosaic, but with its smooth tones and excellent resolution it does look like it. This is an area you may not recognize immediately. There are a couple of linear rilles of different morphologies cutting through a rubbly area, and two bright craters, like headlights, announce the area when their names are given: Mersenius S and C. Mersenius is off the image at the top, and just a corner of Gassendi's rim is on the left. The rubble is ejecta from the Humorum Basin and Gassendi. The three ridges are parts of rims of the the basin, the Percy Mountains at left and an unnamed mountain chain at right with a clumpy bit of an intermediate ring in between. I don't know what forces caused these north -south rilles to form. They don't seem related to the Humorum Basin or anything else.
Chuck Wood

Technical Details
16.01.201. 16 inch Newton, DMK31, red filter, stack 125frames, sharpening with deconvolution

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