August 28, 2006

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To the Moon and Beyond

image from Henrik Bondo

The Moon belongs to all of us; we came in peace for all mankind, said the Apollo plaque. Telescopes, ccd cameras and the Internet allow many of us to share our lunar work and thoughts. Henrik Bondo, a pathologist in Denmark, has added his collection of lunar photos to the web in a fascinating way that embraces life style and philosophy. Henrik has compiled an Evening Lunar Atlas that shows the lunar surface through the month as seen with a 5″ refractor. In addition to these phase views he has enlarged and collated his images to show each of the Lunar 100 objects, usually with multiple views. But that is not what is most interesting. Henrik has built an observing area that is starkly beautiful, and includes a low circular wall whose curved and moving shadow mimics a terminator. Henrik calls this observing space a Universal Contemplation Living Area (UCLA) that obviously enhances his perception of the sky. He recognizes three levels of observing: understanding science, establishing a contact with the cosmos, and gaining wisdom. He has a fascination with observing and contemplation, which is a supremely human response to intimate contact with the sky. It is what all traditional people experienced and few modern people know they have lost.

Chuck Wood

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