December 2, 2020

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Little but Good

Originally published May 15, 2011 LPOD-May15-11.jpg
left image by Dmitry Makolkin, Moscow, Russia; right image LRO WAC nearside mosaic

Lacus Bonitatis is a place few of us have noticed. It is the only named one of the small leakages of mare lava inside the Geminus scarp ring of the Crisium Basin. In looking at Dmitry's waxing Moon mosaic I was impressed with what I could distinguish with this full Moon lighting. For example, the dark halo craters within Cleomedes are better seen than on the same scale LRO mosaic. Another feature in the high Sun view that attracted my interest is the thin strip of mare with two or three fingers extending southward. This is a slightly darker lava, either younger or a different composition than others nearby. We need more high resolution images like Dmitry's to explore albedo variations and the reasons for them.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
25 March 2010; 18:29 - 19:18 UT. TAL-250K + DMK 31AU03.AS + Astronomik IR Pro 742nm filter. Processing:
Registax 5; Deconvolution Lucy-Richardson, curves, gamma.

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