January 11, 2021

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Two Kinds of Joy

Originally published June 24, 2011 LPOD-Jun24-11.jpg

Why is this book with sailboats on the cover an LPOD? It is a print on demand copy of Pickering's classic 1903 opus that is difficult to find as a used book, but available for free online. My question was if it was worthwhile to spend $21.98 for a printed paperback when I could print the online pdf on my printer and spiral bind it myself. I think the answer is yes even though it is not perfect.I enlarged the text to show that it is legible but not excellent (it looks like it came from an early dot matrix printer - it didn't). The photos for the atlas are also acceptable, partially because the originals that Pickering published were so poor. Compared to a home printed and spiral bound version this looks more like a book - although sadly it doesn't have the title on the spine. The dimensions are 7.5" x 9.75" x 0.6" and it is perfect bound. Many of the classic Moon books are freely available online and a number of companies print decent copies on demand. They are good additions to lunar libraries more concerned with access to the contents than collectors who savor the book itself. I am both types of collector - buying the original when available at a price I can afford, and getting the reprint otherwise. I am glad for the choice.

Chuck Wood

Technical Notes
Just googling for information on the publisher - Nabu Public Domain Reprint - and found that some people have received poor reprints. One recommendation was to print the book yourself with Lulu or CreateSpace or the Harvard Bookstore- perhaps safer but more complicated than simply buying!

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