January 23, 2010

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The Roof of Another World

image by Yuri Goryachko, Mikhail Abgarian, Konstantin Morozov, Minsk, Belarus

LPOD-Jan23-10b.jpg the Minsk Miracle Imagers made this identification chart using LTVT
From the barely lit rim of Scott to the crater within crater of Boussingault the southeast polar zone is full of craters. It is an area far from large basins and their damaging - and renewing -effects, thus preserving generations of craters. The formation of basins is really like an urban renewal project, wiping out the center core near ground zero, and dumping debris across hundreds of kilometers beyond the excavation zone. The surface where a new basin formed offers a clean slate for lava flows or subsequent impacts to make a simpler landscape. The few places on the Moon far from basins are ancient complexities; it is not surprising that craters form inside earlier ones.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
April 29, 2009 ~17UT. Maksutov-Cassegrain Santel D=230mm F=3000mm, barlow 2x. Filter: Astronomik Red, Unibrain Fire-i 702 CCD b/w camera (IEEE-1394, 1388x1040), Processing in Registax, Avistack and Maxim DL. Postprocessing in Photoshop. Seeing 7-8/10, Trans 4/5.

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