January 27, 2020

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An Inheritance

Originally published August 15, 2010 LPOD-Aug15-10.jpg
south up drawing by Harold Hill

This evening I came home from a visit to Tom Dobbins, the co-author of Epic Moon, with a package of treasures. Tom has passed in to my safe keeping photocopies of 119 drawing by Harold Hill, most not published in his classic 1991 book, A Portfolio of Lunar Drawings. Each of the drawings is a careful depiction by an experienced observer and a skilled draughtsman of an interesting portion of the Moon. In this drawing from 1995, Hill captured the long sunrise shadows from the Caucasus Mountains. As I wrote in my review of Hill's book, the wonderful drawings have little scientific value, but as art they are like the evocative 19th century paintings of the American West which captured the light and mood of a scene, and made the viewer want to go west (or to the telescope in this case). Over time I will scan these drawings and add them to a Harold Hill section of the Moon-Wiki, and from time to time some will surface on LPOD to remind all of the pleasure of observing.

Chuck Wood

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Hill obituary

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