July 27, 2013

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Twin Peaks

image by Leo Aerts, Belgium

Langrenus suffered the indignity of having his lunar nomenclature, the first, ignored by subsequent map makers Riccioli, Hevelius, and everyone else, so it is only fair that he got a better crater than they did. This also is one of only a handful of Langrenus's names that was retained, and its is still on the crater he honored himself with. The foreground of Langrenus the crater is covered by ejecta that was plastered across the surface. The smooth floor is impact melt, and places where the inner wall collapsed creating steep, bright scarps are well seen. They are more jumbled than terrace collapses at Tycho or Copernicus.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
July 25th 2013. DMK 31AF03 webcam on C14 with 1.8x barlow and a Baader redfilter. Seeing was excellent at recording time.

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