July 28, 2020

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Valentine Moon

Originally published February 14, 2011


image by Miguel Claro

The Moon always served as inspiration to astronomers and the passionate, as in the case of a couple friend who watched the Moon-phase growing. Between them is visible a strong lunar Earthshine, the reflected Earthlight visible on the Moon's night side. We also can see some stars of the constellation Virgo, like Zaniah and Zavijava. The lovely Moon, is the perfect romantic scene for a passionate couple, on this Valentine's Day. I confess, that the first kiss I gave in my dear wife Paula Lucas, was on a beach with an amazing sky, and the Moon, was shining across the sea...Thank you Paula!

Miguel Claro

Technical Details
25-07-09; 22:02, Canon 400D - ISO 400 50mm F/2.5 6.0Sec.

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