June 2, 2020

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Restoration and Updates

Originally published December 20, 2010 LPOD-Dec20-10.jpg
image composite by Maurice Collins, using He-3 data and LRO altimetry.

This LPOD is about two topics. First, the image above is a mashup by Maurice of the recent He-3 abundance map with a topographic image map made by Maurice from the updated LRO altimeter data. Comparison with the released map reveals how Maurice's version is much more useful for correlating with geology. The second topic for this LPOD concerns LPOD itself. For too many months, nearly 600 LPODs had disappeared from the server. Now they are back, thanks to Ron Magers, a programmer who ultimately uploaded the latest version of the software and did some tweaks. So the complete run of LPOD, from Jan 1, 2004 to today, is available again. This reinstatement of LPOD is matched by continuing improvements of the Moon-Wiki. Jim Mosher is updating the positions and dimensions of all named features (from the revised IAU nomenclature listing), and he is adding a link to the IAU page for the feature, and at the very bottom of the page, links to previous and next features in the alphabetic listing. Jim is also compiling significant histories of LAC and other Apollo era mapping programs. John Moore is systematically adding LROC views for craters lacking images and writing descriptions (e.g. Marci). And the indefatigable Danny Caes continues to track down unofficial nomenclature (such as Lake Titicaca). The Moon-Wiki now has 3,268 pages, has received tens of thousands of edits, and is visited by 400-500 people every day. Pretty amazing for a volunteer effort! Thanks to Jim, John, Danny and others who contribute to the Moon-Wiki. And thanks also to Maurice, Howard, Rick, and other LPOD contributors who are becoming good lunar geologists!

Chuck Wood

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