March 23, 2020

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Perfect Match

Originally published October 10, 2010 LPOD-Oct10-10.jpg
image by Peter Rosén, Stockholm, Sweden and Stefan Lammel, England.

Some say that there is a hole at Earth's North Pole that allows flying saucers to pass between the inside and outside of our world. This image suggests a giant hole - do we see deep space on the other side? - through the Moon with Copernicus as entrance. Look closely at this image for a minute. Note that the right side has shadows cast from the right and on the left the shadows come from the left. Peter has brilliantly combined two images with opposite phases to create a remarkably natural looking mosaic. Peter took the sunset view to the right with his new telescope, which he combined with Stefan's earlier sunrise image (with Stefan's agreement to the matchup). Being made of diverse pieces this could have looked like Frankenstein, but instead a very high quality of imaging and tonal matching pervades the view. Peter mentions paying homage to the famous montage of first and last quarter Lick photos that were seamlessly combined for use by Harold Urey - he has exceeded his goal.

Chuck Wood
Happy 10/10/10

Technical Details
Right side: Oct 2, 2010,04:59 UT. CT-10 f/4.8 telescope from OrionOptics-UK. I used a Televue 2,5x Powermate with a DMK-41AF02 camera from the Imaging Source with a red filter. Left side: 15-Feb-08 18:20-20:17UT. 10" f4.8 Newtonian, Infinity 2-1M, 4x PowerMate, green filter, 400/1000-2000, MAP: 85-180x64, Registax, PSE 5, Focus Magic, 5 frame mosaic.

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