March 31, 2021

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The Basin Near Schiller

Originally published August 12, 2011 LPOD-aug12-11.jpg
image by Patricio Dominguez Alonso, Madrid, Spain

Paul Kuiper, astronomer Gerard Kuiper's photographer son, was the first person to notice this degraded impact basin near Schiller in 1959. Later, Bill Hartmann and Gerard Kuiper included this double ring, 350 km wide basin near Schiller - what they called it - in their epocal paper on lunar impact basins. In 1971 Bill and I also described it in our basin paper and pointed out the mare ridges that suggested it might have an inner third ring. There haven't been many additional studies about this Zucchius-Schiller basin. Perhaps new data from multiple sensors on LRO will reveal more about this often overlooked feature.

Chuck Wood

Note: Bill Corliss of the Sourcebook Project, who unearthed many unusual anomalies in science, has recently died.

Technical Details
August 10 2011 22:22UT. Celestron C11 CGE DMK21AU618.AS Infrared

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