May 15, 2006

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A New Lunar Journal!

You can get ST here.

Amateur astronomers used to look at things through their small telescopes and marvel at the universe. Today’s amateurs take lunar images of higher quality than most professionals ever did, measure the heights and slopes of topography and investigate the colors of lunar soils. Perhaps the leading amateur group investigating at the Moon with this modern approach is the Geological Lunar Researches group started in Italy in 1997 and now having active members in 14 countries. Under the leadership of Raffaello Lena and Piergiovanni Salimbeni the GLR has concentrated on the study of lunar domes, with impressive research results submitted to the Journal of the British Astronomical Association, the Strolling Astronomer, the Journal of the Royal Society of Canada and even the professional journal Icarus. Today, GLR introduces Selenology Today, a new journal devoted to understanding the geology of the Moon. The 72 page first issue contains detailed reports on newly discovered - and measured - domes, a summary of a new dome classification scheme, a description of the use of the spreadsheet Excel to calculate lunar heights, and a look back at some little known drawings of rilles by the greatest selenographer of the 2nd half of the 19th century, Julius Schmidt. Although all of these initial articles are written by GLR members the journal welcomes articles from any serious amateur or professional lunar scientist. Selenology Today is free and published online as a downloadable pdf file. Congratulations to Raf, Pier, Christian Wöhler and Maria Bregante (the last two laid out this issue) and all of GRL!

Chuck Wood

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