November 14, 2006

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Nokia Moon

image by Con Athanasiou, Clayton, Australia

The wonderful thing about the Moon is that we can enjoy it so easily; frequently at night, often in the day, with a quick glance or a studied examination. We can use naked eyes, binoculars, telescope or cellphone. Cellphone? Yes, with the built in cameras now common in cellphones imaging the Moon can happen whenever a telescope is near. In this case, Con simply pointed his Nokia down the eyepiece and clicked away. This image could easily have graced Sky & Telescope 10-15 years ago as an excellent example of amateur lunar photography. The Straight Wall and Nubium mare ridges are well shown, and there is a good synoptic view of the highlands from Ptolemaeus to Tycho. And once the image is captured it can be emailed directly to LPOD! Googling led me to no other cellphone images of the Moon - is this a first?

Chuck Wood

Technical Details:
30 October 2006. Through Orion XT10 f/5 Newt with 15mm Bintel Superview 68deg eyepiece. Handheld cellphone Nokia 6280 which has a 2 megapixel camera and zoom ability. Minor processing with Photoshop.

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