November 2, 2019

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London Moon

Originally published June 21, 2010 LPOD-June21-10.jpg
image by Tamas Ladanyi, visiting London

It is not often that an LPOD image includes its acquisition time and place, but this one does with Big Ben showing the time, and the Union Jack under the Moon confirming the country. For me this is a perfect LPOD for today for I am busy finishing the last bits for a new book, The Kaguya Atlas of the Moon, coauthored with Motomaro Shirao. This is a collection of 100 of the best images taken with the Kaguya HDTV, complete with LPOD-like essays for each. Looking at and describing the images continually brings new features to my attention, so the Moon always amazes. And as this project winds down - with publication expected before Christmas - I am enjoying planning, with a surprise coauthor, another atlas that will be comprehensive, innovative and fun to work on for the next year. Look at this page to see prior discussions for a possible atlas, and to leave your suggestions for features you desire.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
17th of Jun 2010. Canon 500D, Canon 16-35 L objective at 35 mm.
Did you notice Mars and Regulus in the sky, too?

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