November 29, 2020

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Cracker of a View

Originally published May 12, 2011 LPOD-May12-11.jpg
image by Brendan Shaw, UK

I noticed that LPOD was still blank for today, so assume Chuck is travelling. It is midnight here but Brendan Shaw just emailed this great image of the Alpine Valley he captured so thought it would make a good filler for LPOD today for Chuck. The Alpine Rille is visible, something I have can only just resolve with my 8" SCT. The Alpine Valley is a grabben and perhaps like rift valleys here on Earth, lava welled up the fault creating the smooth floor with the rille the last of the flows that retreated leaving a collapsed lava tube like the Thurston lava tube in Hawaii.

Maurice Collins

Technical Details
Mewlon 250 and DMK31. 2011 May 11, 1915UT

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