November 5, 2020

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A Little Slice of Solitude

Originally published May 1, 2011 LPOD-May1-11.jpg
image by Dmitry Makolkin, Moscow, Russia

This excerpt from a crescent shows a less familiar terrain with skating rink craters (rings with smooth floors) amidst a swampy region where mare lavas have erased the walls of older craters. The mare areas seem connected, so you could drive diagonally across across much of the terrain without climbing over rims. Where is this and what is the structural reason for the maria?

Chuck Wood
Notice the counter at bottom left? It is about 66,000 page views until it turns over to one million. With about 2500 page views a day we should reach a million by the end of May. I am not sure when the counter was installed - sometime in 2008 - so since its start on Jan 1, 2004 LPOD has probably already long ago passed the one million mark. All because of the great images that friends from all over the world send in!

Technical Details
March 2011; 15:39 - 15:54 UT. TAL-250K + DMK 31AU03.AS + Astronomik IR Pro 742nm filter. Processing:
Registax 6 beta, 400/2500; Deconvolution Lucy-Richardson, curves, gamma.

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