October 7, 2019

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The Red-Blue Streak

Originally published May 26, 2010 LPOD-May26-10.jpg
image by Ladanyi Tamas

The alignment of the Moon and Venus was predicted, but when Tamas walked toward the sea an unexpected syzygy channelled astro-energy into his body. He started to vibrate, churning the waves. As the vibrations greatly increased he discovered they were not in harmony. A red shift moved his torso towards infinity and his legs blue-shifted into the future. Tamas had set up his camera on a tripod on the beach; it was found still running but he wasn't in any of the subsequent frames...

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
May 16, 2010. Self portrait, Canon 500D, Canon 24-85 objective at 50 mm, f/4,5, iso 1600, 6 sec exposure time

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