September 20, 2022

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Slow Motion X

Originally published October 26, 2012 LPOD-Oct26-12.jpg
image by Morio Higashida, Osaka Japan

The intersecting crater walls of Purbach, La Caille and Blanchinus make an X that is only visible for a short time when the lighting is just right. Morio's sequence of still shots almost makes a slow motion movie that tracks the emergence and full development of the X. The alphabetic feature has no geologic significance but is fun to catch espeically if it is unexpectedly seen. Morio's sequence also illustrates the vagaries of seeing. During the first two images the seeing was steady and small details are clear. Over the next hour seeing deteriorated a little. When visual observing we automatically reject the slightly blurred views and remember the crisp ones. And the same thing happens when combining the best images from a video. The seconds of absolutely perfect seeing can persist for years in either an image or in a human memory.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
2012.10.22. TAKAHASHI Mewlon250 + 1.5X Barlow + DMK21AU04

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