April 19, 2013

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south up image by Maximilian Teodorescu, Dumitrana (Ilfov), Romania

I am disappointed when I see this image. Not with the image but with me. I observed just a few hours after Max took this image in Romania. I specifically looked at many places that show up so well in the image, but I couldn't see much of them. I could see easily the wider eastern part of the Ariadaeus Rille, but only glimpses of the Triesnecker Rilles. The Hyginus Rille was sharply visible but the delicate connection with the Ariadaeus Rille, which I am very much aware of, was invisible. I also tried to recognize the dark rays around Dionysius but couldn't; perhaps the lighting was too low. I did see the brightness of Descartes and the linearity of the nearby Abulfeda crater chain. I observed with my 4" f/11 refractor and with a 6" f/9 Ritchey-Chrétien telescope. The seeing was good, but my ability to see features in the eyepiece was disappointing. My 4" is a lot smaller than Max's 11" but I expected to see more. I don't know how much of the disappointment is due to my eyes probable deterioration, and how much is due to having too high of expectations because of constantly seeing the amazing images produced by video capture and processing technology. I just wanted to see more. How about you? What can you see visually?

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
April 17, 2013 at 19:20 U.T. C 11 @F/10, ASI 110MM camera, IR-pass 685nm filter; two images, each a stack of 1600 frames in medium
seeing conditions (S: 4-5/10).

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