December 13, 2006

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Black and Wispy

drawing by Sally Russell, England

I set my alarm for 05.00 UT on Saturday 9th December so that I would be able to have a good hour of darkness for a meeting with the Moon. The morning was clear, cold and steady, perfect for some sketching. This very complex region on the terminator in the south-eastern section caught my eye, and I felt compelled to capture the drama onto paper as best I could in the time available.

Sally Russell

Technical Details:
9 December 2006, 05.40 - 06.55 UT
Subject: ‘Metius, Fabricius, Janssen and Lockyer’
Scope: 105mm F6 AstroPhysics Traveler, 2x Barlow, 3.5mm TV Series 6 Nagler (magnification ~x340)
Lunation: 19.1 days (disc illumination 80.6%)
Sketch: White pastel pencil on black ‘Canford’ paper
Sketch size: 8 inches x 11 inches

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