February 28, 2021

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Charcoal Dreams

Originally published July 12, 2011


image by Chuck Hastorf

I have been observing from my back deck recently using the Orion 4.5" StarBlast. This short focus insturment is perfect for presenting nearly the entire disk or half the illuminated disk. Chuck's sketch reminds me of this synoptic perspecive, providing a broad regional view without many details but giving a classic view. Such views and drawings are not of scientific interest but are remarkably satisfying in depicting the Moon as we remember/idealize it to be. I like that aspect of observing.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
The field sketch was drawn using a charcoal pencil. The sketch was uploaded to Sketchbook Pro for enhancements. The sketch was drawn using a 6 inch Newtonian with a 10 mm TMB eyepiece giving a magnification of 76X.

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