January 26, 2008

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Dome Students

image by GLR

The GLR is a group of dedicated amateurs interested in the study of Lunar Orbiter image the dome appears to have a smooth surface with an out flow channel or chain of vents and linear rilles. An estimation of the dimensions of the feeder dikes suggest that their source regions were located below the lunar crust. In a new and recent image it is possible see the resolved domes in Doppelmayer (see attachment) and the summit elongated fissure for dome 1 but also the central elusive rille for dome 2. It is compared with Lunar Orbiter frame.

Image and commentary submitted by Raffaello Lena

Technical Details

  • Photos taken by Raffaello Lena (GLR group) with a Maksutov Cassegrain 18 cm f/15 and Lumenera LU 075 M - Rome (Italy). Additional details on image.

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