January 25, 2008

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Sky Painting

image by: someone who truly loves his wife and son!

What do you think every time you see a cloudy sky? Not pleasant thoughts I guess. Another lost opportunity to admire the heavens or to shoot some marvelous Moon close ups with the 18″ Reflector (I wish I had one!). This beautiful Moon Corona proves that even in a cloudy sky, our favorite celestial body can produce marvelous scenes. Since this image is not evaluated and selected by Chuck, allow me not to reveal my name. I don’t want to take credit for choosing myself for LPOD! I can only give you two or three clues for myself: I’m from Greece, I DON’T like garlic and I do love my wife and my son with all my heart! The image is dedicated to my son Panagiotis.

And some info about coronas from the Wikipedia: A corona is produced by the diffraction of light from either the Sun or the Moon by individual small water droplets (and sometimes tiny ice crystals) of a cloud. The corona consists of small number of concentric colored rings around the celestial object and a central bright aureole. The angular size of the corona depends on the diameters of the cloud droplets - small droplets produce bright coronae. Coronae differ from haloes in that the latter are formed by refraction from comparatively large rather than small ice crystals.

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