May 20, 2020

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Pole Me Over!

Originally published December 7, 2010 LPOD-Dec7-10.jpg
image by team of French amateurs - P. Tosi, E. Rousset and J.L. Dauvergne -using the 1m telescope at the Observatory of Pic du Midi

The south pole of the Moon is a rugged place, especially this region beyond Cabeus crater looking over to the peaks near the crater Kocher which lies beyond the left hand peak (M5) on the limb. The right hand peak (M4) is on the rim of the crater Ashbrook. Mount Palomar took closeup adaptive optics images with the 200" Hale reflector that are hard to tell the difference with this, taken with a 1-metre (39") telescope at a suburb site at Pic du Midi.

I can almost feel the moondust in the picture!

Maurice Collins

P.S. Chuck is away at a meeting so Rick, Jim and I will be filling in some LPOD's if Chuck isn't able.

P.P.S. Remember Pearl Harbor today.....69 years ago.

Technical Details
2010 Sep 29, 03:00-03:10 TU.

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