May 29, 2020

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One Bird's Foot

Originally published December 16, 2010 LPOD-Dec16-10.jpg
south up image by Павел Пресняков, Kiev

Although we now have a fabulous LRO WAC image of Wargentin, there is still much to appreciate in a terrific Earth-based view. Pavel Presnyakov has wonderfully captured Wargentin just near the terminator, showing its long triangular shadow pointing to the night side - reminiscent of Mauna Loa's shadow. All of the main features seen on the WAC are visible here, including the famous bird's foot pattern of mare ridges. The slight welling noticed at the south end of the floor on the WAC image is confirmed here - this appears to be a very gentle dome. A similar feature occurs at the south end of the ridge crossing, but the WAC view suggests that is slightly elevated but not dome-shaped. Someday a low Sun, opposite lighting WAC view will be available to see more of the south floor feature.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
10.11.2008 20:13 UT. Newtonian 350мм, VAC-135, barlow 3x. 480 frames in AviStack

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