December 14, 2019

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Remnant of a Ring

Originally published July 1, 2010 LPOD-July1-10.jpg
image by Efrain Morales Rivera, Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

Hugging the limb, away from most observers' perusal is La Pérouse, whose central peak just catches sunset rays. This image has lighting intermediate between two earlier LPODs here and here - which provide additional information. Identification of these unfamiliar craters usually requires a map - the front two are von Behring and Kapteyn (right) and the barely illuminated rim toward the limb is Ansgarius. What catches my eye here is the shadow-casting massif studded with the bright ray crater La Pérouse A. Because the only process to make significant lunar mountains is impact it is intriguing to try to find what this mountain mass is related to. The mountain is near outer rings of two basins, Smythii to the northeast and Balmer-Kapteyn (B-K) to the southwest. The last link shows that the mountain is very near the proposed B-K rim, but to decide which basin is the more likely parent may be a job for LTVT and the LRO digital terrain data

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
See bottom of image.

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