June 19, 2020

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Postcard Perfect

Originally published January 6, 2011 LPOD-Jan6-11.jpg
image by Peter Rosén, Stockholm, Sweden

This is a luminous image, like a scenic postcard by a master photographer. In fact, it is a cosmically scenic view and it proves that Peter is an extraordinary photographer. The partial eclipse of the Sun that was very marginal further south, was 86% in northern Sweden. Because of abundant and moving clouds, Peter had to quickly relocate to Stockholm to find temporary holes. This panoramic view was composited from six individual images over 45 minutes; look closely and notice the six images of the different phases of the eclipse. The Moon is in this image - six times - so it qualifies for LPOD, but it is much more than just a different perspective on the Moon - it is glorious.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
4/1/2011, 8h41 UT. Canon Eos 5DMkII and a 16-35/2,8 zoom. Several different exposures were used to try to match the ambiance of the subdued light during the eclipse.

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